April, I Quit

It’s been too long

I’ve tried too much

Overnight fame and fortune

Both of them are out of touch

No longer can I spend all this time and energy

Chasing things that may not even be in front of me

That’s it. I quit. You heard me right I’m done for now

Back to clocks, my office box, I thought I could but don’t know how


(Racial slur here) please, I’m on my knees

Writing as I always do

And I will carry on with this, don’t care if you don’t want me to

This Sum I meet

Some bigger feet

To pitch things that I’ve scribbled down

And yes or no

I care not, fo’

My scribbling will continue, clown (that’s them)

So April Fools

From me to you

And if you dream

Know what I mean

Never stop the things you do

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