Speak a little louder ya’ll, it’s kinda hard to hear you now

All these voices screaming, shouting, everybody’s crying foul

“They don’t like me!” “They’re so hateful!”

“This is how I want to live!”

Let me dig a hole (or hill?) for all the fucks I want to give


No one really cares about the things you do or things you say

All they want is that one moment to pop shots and walk away

That’s the world, that’s our life, that’s the cove we all fish in

Or maybe it’s just written in our genes as the human condition

All I know is that I grow, every day and every night

And there is not a person on this planet who can fight this fight

It’s up to me, that’s how I feel, the timeline they don’t understand

So caught up in what’s today they only see the good, not grand

That’s okay, today’s today, I can’t expect the rest to get

Any of the things I think or things I know they’ll all regret

So I know, it’s all for show, but I will keep on doing me

And if you don’t like what I say? Get over it. Count to three.

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