Never Surrender

There is no kind to rest my mind, are these thoughts blessings or a curse

I do not know, but they all grow, inside me plaguing every verse

Why can’t I shake them, I so hate them, they pull my drive back in reverse

These words I’ve leaned on make me better but sometimes they make things worse

Why can’t I just stop and try to do things like they said I should

Why can’t I just glorify the Father who said that he would

I do not know, I hate it so, I feel so close but far away

Wondering if the sun is going up or down, dawn or day


They say focus

My eyes are open, the roads so clear

The words I write are bridges that will one day get me out of here

I hate the things that life makes us experience, the pains too much

I hate that now you’re gone when just a week ago, I felt your touch

“It’s life” they say

Yeah sure, okay

If that’s the case

Then I don’t even know why I say any of the things I say

Just get it.

If you’ve read it, you know the path we’re walking on

Things uncertain, I don’t care, I just know the line is drawn

So help me God these feet have trod on only the beginning now

And every failure is a stone that paves the path of where and how

I will not lose

I will not fall

I’ll not give up on her or me

Give me two L’s

I’ll flip the one

Tilt it back with symmetry

I’ll take the losses life will throw, cause that looks like a dub to me

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