Once and for All, Goodnight

Seven billion people, spinning round and round and round

He looks for you, she looks for me, but no one can be seen or found

Why is that? Where are we? They all said they looked everywhere

I’ll tell you friend, there’s nothing wrong, it’s cause we all live way out there

Don’t be frightened, worry not, you know exactly what I mean

It’s all about perspective and how we see the way things seem

Here’s my truth. Now here’s yours. Do with them just what you will

Please don’t twist them, just one rule, the only ink upon this quill

What’s my point? Come on now. You think the same things that I do

I know it cause I’ve read your mind, and you know what? I think them too

I hope you can forgive the time I spent inside your palace place

For there was so much to be found that transcends class, or role, or race

All the things I looked upon made me feel like I was home

Even though we’re different down to DNA and skin genome

Tell me friend, how it hurts, I know the pain, I’ve seen it through

And I will share my hardened heart, because I know you’ve got one too

In the end, it matters not, the only thing we have is now

And I will stand beside you even if I’m blind, and don’t know how

All that’s true resides in you, please understand this point I make

We are all the same you see, and we all use this bed we make

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