Here’s to You, Hollywood

You can tell me that you’re woke and you can say that you’re a saint

Take my mirror and this looking glass and see yourself – you ain’t

Casting stones and broken bones, I would never wish upon

You lost the game when you became a sick, disgusting pawn

The eye you’re turning isn’t blind, it’s just willfully naive

Sitting silent like a snake slithering stories you believe

Kids in cells because sex sells, you’re all you claim to hate

Hypocrites in mindless masks pretending they hide good and great

Tell me more you brainless bore, are you really what you think you are?

Keep thinking you’re the righteous one, take the wheel and crash the car

How many verses will it take to get my sincere point across?

You think your comment was a win but hold this L, cause that’s a loss

Listen to me clearly now, the mirror is now your best friend

Showing you the things you think and things you cannot comprehend

Wrap your mind around it though, try to grasp the things it tells

Sometimes morals matter more than things they say that market sells

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