Lie Awake

Alone tonight, can’t sleep, it’s true

Cause all my thoughts, well, they’re on you

Where’d you come from?

Souls amiss

You know, I didn’t plan for this

Never thought of fonder things

My mind has all these wanderings

Keep it focused

But wait, one sec

That hug you gave around my neck

It stayed with me, I wanted more

I hated when I closed the door

What are these feelings?

They’re something new

Why did those moments seem so few?

My path is paved, this road I’m on

I’d thought my chance for love was gone

Funny how things seem to be

And now I’m caught off guard, you see

Let me think, it won’t take long

I know the lyrics to this song

Wait for me, my little dove

It’s you that I’ve been thinking of

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