I know you know I know the things that dwell inside your mind

And even though that may be so there’s still much I want to find

I don’t care if it’s up there and hasn’t seen the light of day

Anything you say or sing it will always be okay

I often wonder when I’m under if you ever think the same

That there’s much you haven’t touched just waiting like a game

I know I said I hate my head and how it runs too fast for me

But here with you, and this was due, you’re faster and now I feel free

Everything’s amazing when I do it with you near

Picking flowers, waiting hours, it don’t matter when you’re here

All I need is you and me, the rest can sort itself

Leave it all to luck of draw, we’re highlit names upon this shelf

We can do this, anything, it might be easy, might be hard

I know we’ll always win because I’ve got you as my wildcard

Life is long, ain’t it great? How thankful I am to find you

Let’s take the reigns, as it rains, and hold each other ‘til it’s through

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