The Hand We’re Dealt

If it was easy we’d all be an ace

It’s not in the cards so we fight to save face

The game isn’t checkers so most say it’s chess

Those in the show know there’s more to address

Pieces get toppled and pieces get checked

Everyone watches and wonders what’s next

Step in arena I hope you’ve prepared

Cause no one is helping and nobody cares

Fight to the death to the victor all spoils

They thought it was harmless but this cauldron boils

It started a simmer, a heat gently rising

Then turned into something that’s uncompromising

Sweeping the slate till there’s nothing but embers

Barely still burning the world it remembers

Phoenix arises from ashes and dust

Left in its wake there is justice and trust

Treasures are not found at will overnight

To uncover them it requires foresight

Patience, poetic, in end it will be

Historically hinging on our history

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