Now Today

Life is short, but long it is

How does one make a play of this?

There is no answer, dearest dancer

All we can do is learn the step

Do your best, study hard

Its all a game, so learn the cards

All within is saint or sin

And no one knows where either’s kept

I told my mother that I love her

I wish we could still speak somehow

Said to father not to bother

That ship has sailed, and it’s gone now

There is no obstacle ahead

No fathomable role, or stead

That can withstand the force that’s here

All that is left to do, is steer

All the bricks, they have been laid

All costs of blood and tears are paid

Laugh at Time’s sad, blurred illusion

It cannot see its own conclusion

Not at all, it never has

It’s more confused than blue topaz

But that’s okay, I dare to say

Because it’s earned, this now today

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