Clouded Reflections

A one way mirror, it must be

As others see more clear than me

A gaze to my left

A glance to my right

I know not which to join or fight

Perhaps this path?

To there, or here?

To follow roads paved yesteryear?

Misguided bones rest on false thrones

Offering uncertainties

Dogmas close once open minds

Poisoned, plagued priorities

Elders, oft, they knew much better

Yet, still spoke, in stifled voice

Cries, though loud, lost in the crowd

Abandoned, left with little choice

Tell me now, beloved mother

Ye who knew me like no other

Would you take it back at all

If given but a chance?

Or walk, instead, familiar halls

The same, sad “no’s” and cant’s”?

Even though I’ll never know

Still guidance, I so seek

Walk to left

Or right, you see?

Imposing, or

The meek

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