A one way mirror, it must be

For them, it’s clearer seen than me

I look to my left

I look to my right

I know not where to walk tonight

Should I take this path?

Should I go there?

Feign the footsteps of who dare?

Nothings known on a false throne

Uncertainty is all one has

But find the jester

Don’t arrest her

Say instead “also known as”

Many men have seen things better

Yet they still don’t have a voice

If they did a hostile bid might silence them and then rejoice

Tell me now, beloved mother, I know you know me like no other

Would you take it back at all, or still face life’s cruel wrecking ball?

I’ll never know, but even so, you’ve all the guidance that I need

So help me God, they will applaud, and all will be as should, in deed

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