Okay Back, Honeymoon’s Over

It’s been awhile

Yes awhile

Since I wrote a poem

But that’s because

Yes it’s because

I haven’t been alone

I got a dog

And like a frog

I jumped into a thing

And now free time

Has been declined

For Pips a pong to ping

I made that up

Just like her sup

The one from yesterday

Tasty bits

To prevent yips

Her bark, “feed me, okay?!”

I check the weather, clip on this leather

Is she chill with her first leash?

She scoffs at it and I’m like “shit…”

But shrugs and I’m like “preesh”

Is she too small?

Am I gay, y’all?

Someone tell me now (Nothing wrong w that FYI)

She fights and fights

She bites and bites

Head tilts when she’s like “how?”

We’ll carve new life

She’ll lessen strife

A new side to my kick

The best friendship

For I choose Pip

My dog draft’s first round pick

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