Hello, Pip!

Hello pretty Pip!

I think its time I wrote a pweem

So although my friends all know ‘twas coming

This won’t be as it seems

Never mind, okay I lied

That’s exactly what this is

It’s just a pweem, with glamour, gleam

Were she a drink, she’s fizz  

Welcome to the world, my girl

Both good and bad, this place

Don’t be scared, for we are paired

And now we start the race

Soon you’ll see some sunshine

Run on a sandy beach

But first you’ll yearn for things to learn

I promise, I will teach

So full, the life ahead of us

Soon opened, is the gate

On this ride you’re by my side

Sky limits, they await

Know your brother, like no other

Smiles down upon

Happy knowing that you’re growing

His mem’ry, never gone

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