The Lonely Ladders

My job as of late

It’s one I don’t hate

In fact, I like it a lot

Its to renovate

Every inch, every gate

A sweet house that my friend had just got

Well when I consigned

My name to dotted line

I said yes, of course I will try

To give you my best

Help build this new chest

Well then there was this other guy

He was hired with me

And we’ve been working, us three

To build up this sweet badass place

For months months and months

We’ve worked not twice but once

And this happened right in my face

This guy, you all see

To taste our lands free

His parents, well they came to town

So foreign and far

From Can-ad they are

Where Trudeau just bosses around

To show eagle blood life

Flying free without strife

He figured he’d take the day off

Tell them “hey mom and dad”

“These Americans have”

All this stuff while Trudeau’s like “you cough?”

And though yes yay for them

My points that my new friend

Was not with me to pull down this wall

While of course that’s okay

I declare it’s not gay

But twas lonely today, that is all

I’m not saying it matters

But our two tandem ladders

They argued today, so you know

And if you had been here

We might could have tried, steer

To this place, where no is homo

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