My Favorite Bird: A Puffin Poem

I’d like to tell a story

So I can make it known

About the cutest little bird

The best that’s ever flown

Many of us wonder

What it feels like up above

We watch the seagulls, larks and jays

The pigeons and the doves

Gliding through the air with ease

Owning all the sky

Diving down with grace and speed

When tasty food they eye

In number, birds are many

There’s more than we could name

And yet, there is but only one

Who runs the feathered game 

So stop and pay attention

For knowledge, I bestow

The greatest bird to ever live

Is one you all will know

Passion unmatched, they fight for love

When times get rough they toughen,

Wear coats of armor, black and white

That’s right, our King’s the puffin

How many birds will test for sharks

By pushing friends off rocks?

Or pluck their haters eyes right out

When threatened, scared, or mocked?

Little butlers hop around

Though penguins they are not

But try to take a puffin on

And prepare your corpse to rot

Short man’s syndrome, you might say?

I would argue no

Puffins simply run bird world

No doubt the best of show

A puffin, deep in thought, ponders existentialism and considers the world’s many mysteries
“We dem boys!” – Group of puffins

Male puffins, by nature, are born with game that human males can only dream of

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