Dogs Have Better Game

I sleep over here, I sleep over there

You say don’t sleep where? Wait I really don’t care

I’ll cover your mouth as I sleep on your lap

So you can shutup while I take my nap

You know that you need me to keep yourself whole

So stop your complaining and fill up my bowl

Each time we go out all the girls say “Hello!”

“No not you, you weirdo, I meant this doggo”

Admit it my friend, it’s me who’s the boss

You’ve only got two legs? Well sorry – your loss

My fur feels so good, so ferociously fine

The ladies will shun you and tell you “He’s mine!”

I’ll lay and I’ll bask there, and let them pet me

As all of them say “You’re so cute, Mr B!”

Then I will look at you, smile and wink

Barking “Fill my bowl human, and make me a drink!”

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