Facts Are Few

Facts are few, but they just may Be everything we talk today Your word. His word. Her word. Theirs. No one seems to understand the realness of current affairs Logic is illogical when numbers mean nothing no more All that matters is the playbook that they carry to the floor It’s funny, right? Cause here, … More Facts Are Few


Are you real? No, are you real? Are you the things you say you feel? Are you the things you talk about Or are you just another spout Fountains flowing, they look nice, but if you shook and rolled the dice, would you be the same person if I looked once when I looked twice? … More Cooperation

My Snoring Lot

I know I had a chance to rise when that old man, a sign he brought Me and Maw had read it and a job it had, it asked a lot “Welcome to the World”, it said, “We need to build this fort we drawt” “And any man who builds it will rise socially, he’ll … More My Snoring Lot

Truth Lies

So often we ask why they don’t heed our word How all of the things we say can go unheard The reason is simple, if you’ll let me speak I’ll tell you the reason why your words are weak The manner in which you deliver your thought Is just as important as points that you … More Truth Lies


Ravens speak darkness while Frost speaks of snow But tormented minds share a likeness, you know Rather than rhythm repeating tempo I’ll ink what I think as the rules I let go Words are not wisdom they’re just thoughts that we think And letters are naught but concepts that you shrink Shrink into something that … More Communicate

Missing Pieces

Why must this piece to this puzzle allude Why doesn’t it fit like I know it should do Was it carved in the way that it was meant to Or is it just me that can’t make it conclude Why can’t I focus on that which I should Instead of these things which I dream … More Missing Pieces


In darkness these thoughts have made into their place They’ve stolen my mind and hold it in embrace After the curtains fall there’s a new face That torments and consumes my every thoughts’ space This strength is a weakness, it follows me so It’s grip only tightens when asked to let go Constantly clawing, as … More Darkness

New Beginnings

Some things are wanted Some things are earned Some things are instinct Some things are learned No one is born With silver in hand They may think they do But don’t own their land Life, it’s a battle Fought by warriors, for ground No parcel is given No acre is found Nothing is owed in … More New Beginnings

Look at Me

Time, its not so timeless And things never seem to change Who we are and what we do It’s stone, not rearranged We live, we laugh, we love, we play We fight, we kill, we fear, we hate Never has it mattered what it is, the day and age Things are all that separate the … More Look at Me


Fame is not what it once was It did not do what it now does The days of old are gone at last For that which was has long since passed Those who seek its key and door Do not know what they’re fighting for Expecting glee, they rush inside And loneliness is all they … More Vanity

Sinless Stone

All these people, all these poses Looking through a lens of roses Spinning, swirling, they’re all dancing It’s their minds they are romancing We all go out, play the game At night we know we’re all the same Doing things we say we don’t And then pretend and say we won’t Yet you and I … More Sinless Stone

My Little Dog

My little dog, he follows you He mimics all the things we do He wonders why there’s things out there Why he has nothing to compare He watches fights at the dog park He hears the hounds all howl and bark He asks them why they disagree They look at him, then look at me … More My Little Dog

My Plea

All these thoughts that hide inside are more than just things in our mind, they’re things that we all can confide and they deserve to be defined. Living in this world we’ve clayed has made us rotten, so decayed, that no one seems to know the answer to “how is a smile made?” Nothing matters … More My Plea

Peeping, Pulling

Peep. Pull. Tell me I should try to start writing songs They say that I could make money writing all these wrongs I don’t really think that anybody seems to understand I don’t do this to make money, I do it for the things I stand Nothing that I’ve done has been done to make … More Peeping, Pulling


A challenge, it should not be to Find someone to see things through Sharing life with only one For that’s what all the wolves have done Till death we part, they howl and cheer With a new litter every year The alpha finds his alpha mate To spend his life and share his fate What … More Memories