The Literary Agent

The Literary Agent

Ages ago, when everyone knew

That writing was valued, respected, and true

An old Agent lived who repped scribblers like Poe’s

She pushed every day, and sold all his poems

Back then things were hard, they weren’t like today

Where all you must do – is be EL James

Just write about sex! You know it’ll sell

And if it does not, just say “go to Hell”

Ugh, I digress. There’s but one thing that I need

One Agent to read… my Instagram feed

Just give it a look, just give it a glance

Just give this small writer, a mother bleep chance

I promise I’ll work as hard as the rest

And pour all the riches in your agent gold-chest

That’s all I shall say, that’s all that I think

…but my email is listed on my “About” link

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