White Girls

The time has come, I think it so

To say something that we all know

There’s groups, there’s squads, there’s little cliques

But none compare to Team White Chicks

Like ohmigosh! Kisses, hugs

While sipping lattes, wearing Uggs

These leggings fit, or make me fat?

C’mon girl, just ask Snapchat

Great idea! They’re just so tight

Wait! This latte’s skinny, right?

Girl you know I order true

Never whole milk, that’s just ew!

Phew! Yes girl, you I trust

Come on now, tan we must

Those beds are hot, just like fire

Girl! My VS coup is ‘gon expire

The mall it is, we mustn’t wait!

Clothes and shoes, that white chick bait

On the way we pass the lake

Jeep’s windows down, playing Drake

Phone’s are out, texting “him”

Tweeting, gramming, oh! Re-pin

Now we’re done, clothes are bought

Night is ours, so what’s the spot?

Girl its midtown, call a cab

This Tinder match looks so damn fab

Let’s meet up, what do you do?

You’re self-employed? Boy that means ew!

C’mon girl, this bar is bust

And plus I think I drank too much

Let’s go home and take some pics

Oh don’t you love some Team White Chicks?






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