Damn, I Love My Dog

Damn, I love my dog

I mean you’on even know

Every thing he does amazes me

He just sits and I’m like “woah”

He poops outside

Comes for a ride

Always playin’ in the snow

He barks a lot

He pants when hot

He follows everywhere I go

Y’all can’t even understand how awesome he can be

I mean come on

Spell his name wrong

It’s freakin’ backwards G.O.D.

I’m not tryna say he made the universe or us or anything

But let’s be real, this dog can heel a metaphoric ER wing

Just walk inside, the kids won’t hide

They love a little puppy dog

His therapy beats you and me and every online healthy blog


I simply can’t

I can’t I say

I said I can’t

He’s just too cute to put on mute

He even waters office plant

I can’t explain how perfect that his perfect perfect perfect is

The words exist as but a mist of what describes his perfectness

Anyway, let’s call it day

I need to take my dog outside

But wait! Aw look

He brought a book

My admiration cannot hide

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