Majestic Mr. Baxter: Almighty Dog, Amen

Majestic Mr. Baxter

Looks proudly o’er His lands

At all the things and thingies

He made with His paw-hands

For ‘twas this Dog who crafted all

And all ‘twill come to be

Still some think “woah”, but did you know

‘Twas all…so He could pee?

Long ago a morning rose 

His bladder felt compressed

The universe stepped in, said “Wait!”

“First, I’ve a request”

It needed fun, said “Get it done”

On this, ‘twas very keen

It wanted worlds, and people; life

And all things in between

So Majestic Mr. Baxter

With eyes rolled, muttered “Yes”

“If I must, I’ll stir this dust”

“Make Earth from all this mess”

He went to work, and with a smirk

He filled the oceans blue

Then on a whim, still with a grin

Poof! All the me’s and you’s

Yep, it was so, to be let go

For yellow to pour down

He crafted gold, the Kings of Old

Their realms, and shiny crowns

He then, by chance, envisioned dance

Through all the blood and sweat

Most never know, in ballet though?

Dogs created the pirouette

Sure, it was tough, making this stuff 

Yet Baxter knew no fear

Thanks to his bladder: atoms, matter

And all we see and hear

At last relieved, his tinkle freed

In us, he placed belief

So shed resistance, for our existence

Means more than quick relief 

Let’s not forget this bar dogs set

That life, it’s not a curse

It’s beautiful, and God is Dog

When looked at…in reverse

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