The Backwards

Majestic Mr. Baxter

Looking at His lands

Loving all the people

Created by pawhands

He princes and He prances

As He watches human dances

A lovely ballerina

Sees, says “I shall let”

After all, it was His gall

To invent the pirouette

It was this Dog that made it all

The them, the you, the me

And don’t ya know that this whole show

Was made…so he could pee

Long ago there was a day whence

Baxter’s bladder ached

But Universe said “not until”

“I get what you can make”

And so it clasped him, yes it’s so

The Universe was mean

It wanted worlds and people, life

And all things in between

So Majestic Mr. Baxter

Rolled his eyes, said “yes”

“If I must, I’ll stir this dust”

“But warning: it’s a mess”

And it was so

She let him go

As yellow rain poured down

Creating gold, Kings of Old

And all those pretty crowns

Do not forget this tale, I’ve set

For life, it’s not a curse

It’s beautiful, and God is Dog

When written, in reverse

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