Little Dogs

Little dogs, they puzzle me

They think they are so tough

They say all day that “I don’t bark!”

“No I don’t bark, I ruff!”

Hmm, okay, if so you say

I guess you sure are tough

But when that German Shepherd howls

I bet you’ve had enough

“Yeah right! Watch this!”

“I’ll out-bark him!”

“That sheep herd is a wimp!”

Mm, okay, I hate to say

But bruh, you’re such a simp

“A simp! What’s that?”

“A simp you say?”

“I’ll show you who’s a simp!”

“Bark bark! Bow wow!”

“Ruff ruff! See now?”

“How dare you say that, wimp!”

Uh oh, look now

Here he comes

He must have heard your gruff

And if he wants a fight tonight

I hope you’ve got the stuff

“Uh wait, hold on”

“I only barked”

“To show you that I’m tough”

“I didn’t say for him today”

“To fight me or be rough”

That’s what I thought


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