Are you real? No, are you real? Are you the things you say you feel? Are you the things you talk about Or are you just another spout Fountains flowing, they look nice, but if you shook and rolled the dice, would you be the same person if I looked once when I looked twice? … More Cooperation


I don’t think the things I thought are things I think I know are true They’re just things I think I thought because I was so mad at you My heart was lost, my soul, alone, left not knowing what to do Desperate for my minds release, to guide me and to get me through … More Reluctance

Love Never Dies

Silence is solace, if one thing I know To pause and to think through this frosted window Stars meet my gaze saying question it all Yet I fear the answers from clouds as they fall Trapped in a world of such shallow design Chained by the judgment of how much is mine Valued by only … More Love Never Dies

Missing Pieces

Why must this piece to this puzzle allude Why doesn’t it fit like I know it should do Was it carved in the way that it was meant to Or is it just me that can’t make it conclude Why can’t I focus on that which I should Instead of these things which I dream … More Missing Pieces

Sinless Stone

All these people, all these poses Looking through a lens of roses Spinning, swirling, they’re all dancing It’s their minds they are romancing We all go out, play the game At night we know we’re all the same Doing things we say we don’t And then pretend and say we won’t Yet you and I … More Sinless Stone

My Little Dog

My little dog, he follows you He mimics all the things we do He wonders why there’s things out there Why he has nothing to compare He watches fights at the dog park He hears the hounds all howl and bark He asks them why they disagree They look at him, then look at me … More My Little Dog

Peeping, Pulling

Peep. Pull. Tell me I should try to start writing songs They say that I could make money writing all these wrongs I don’t really think that anybody seems to understand I don’t do this to make money, I do it for the things I stand Nothing that I’ve done has been done to make … More Peeping, Pulling


A challenge, it should not be to Find someone to see things through Sharing life with only one For that’s what all the wolves have done Till death we part, they howl and cheer With a new litter every year The alpha finds his alpha mate To spend his life and share his fate What … More Memories

Pens & Swords

Words, they say, aren’t sharp as swords They cannot pierce, or strike the chords Tonight, I pray, these words I’ve brought Will do such things that swords cannot Fights are fought for faith, and pride When we should stop instead, confide Admit that when all’s said and done What’s known of life, amounts to none … More Pens & Swords


I know there’s one, one sad soul out there Waiting wishing, somebody, somewhere Who cares for all the things of which I care The answer to my one, my only prayer Deepest love is hidden in a vulnerable and lonely place It hides behind the things we all ignore and do not want to face … More Patience

A Life Unfiltered

Stop all of this judgment Please, cease all of the hate It’s okay to like attention And it’s fine that’s who you date Misery loves it’s company Spiteful comments are it’s mate The genuine embrace truth And don’t live a life that’s fake It changes one’s perspective Embracing positivity Shedding stresses that are caused By … More A Life Unfiltered


Roses are red Violets are blue These feels, unfamiliar And they’re all due to you They stay when you’re gone Long after you’ve left I fear I’m a victim Of some sort of thought-theft Though despite the discomfort And these feelings, so new ‘Tis the first time in forever I’ve felt that they’re true Please … More Roses

Love in Life

So sorely do we wish to find A person who’s just like our kind Someone who’s just as weird as us That we can know and love and trust A person that just lets us be And even when we disagree They know that we’re still meant for them And do not argue and condemn … More Love in Life


A raindrop has one chance to fall To land where it might fulfill all As do dandelions sway They, just once, will drift away Breeze will carry, gently now The seeds of life that they endow No second chances, no regrets One life is what each person gets Do not be nervous Feel not afraid … More Life


I want you to know that you aren’t all alone I want you to know I’m here too I want you to see all the struggles in me And I want you to know I love you There’s nothing at all that could push me away Though I know it’s not easy to do It’s … More Soulmate