The Revolt Returns: Ep 2

“WOAH Nelly!!”

Tugging the reigns of Norman the Steed, Dustin the Determined halts her beautiful backside at the entrance to the server village’s nearby Forest of Broccoli Florets.

“I told you not to call me that, Dustin.” Norman sneers, turning her head to grimace at the nervous rider.

“Oh, right…sorry. Norm. Er, Norma. I mean Normal. Gosh! I mean Norman.”

Rolling her sparkling horsey eyes, she kneels so Dustin can unsaddle her.

“Alrighty, off you go then.” She says as she Begins galloping her way back to the village. “Good luck!”

Gallop gallop gallop.

Glancing down as he dusts himself off, Dustin looks back up to the tree line ahead and shrugs his shoulders.

“Well, I guess it’s just me and you then buddy.”

“Looks like it! Let’s go find those colors, shall we?” Dustin replies to himself.

Briskly strolling forward he enters the dark, shadowy forest as a group of will-o-the-wisps begin to stir from the branches above.

Shhhhhh “whothehellisthisrandom” shhhhhhh 

They softly whisper to each other as they flutter about; their wings hissing in the wind.

Shhhhh “idunnobuthesortoflookslikehanniballector” shhhhh

They continue whispering, keeping their watchful eyes on the newcomer as he struts into their domain. Briefly sneaking a peek at the wisps from the corner of his eye, Dustin ignores them as he pulls a monocle out of his leather tunic’s pocket. Placing it over his eye, he adjusts it so he can focus on the path ahead.

“Alrighty.” He whispers to himself. “The fairies Ashli and Connee said this lens will highlight any Unicorn parts if I pass by them. Hopefully those colors are close by.”

“I sure hope so.” He replies.

Tiptoeing his way deeper into the woods, Dustin nervously rubs his hands together as the wisps settle back into the branches. Darkness lies ahead, and his courage will surely be tested in the trials to come.

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