Normal? I’m Not

Where my favorite people at?

You folks know who I mean

Calling weirdos, punks and nerds

The strange, shy and obscene

Come, together we shall join

Embrace what others say

Then smack their smugly normie face

When they judge us for hearsay

I say let ’em talk, don’t you?

Let them follow all their “laws”

While we, instead, just laugh and share

Dark desires and faux pas

Some examples? Well I, for one

(And I’ll hold back what’s not PG)

Instead of saying “butterfly”,

I call it “butterflee”

Oh, I bet some do this too

If not, you might think “awww”

But when I get in bed at night

I’ll hold Baxter’s furry paw

I know that oh, so many folks

Who see stuff like this think

This dude’s is nuts, but I just grin

Toast irony, and drink

For we strange ascend to highest heights

To help prove it, below I’ll list

Some folks they may have heard of, and

Who’s “crazy” made them rich

To start, theres Gaga’s meaty dress

Which unarguably, is unique

If not for all her quirks and kinks

She’d be nine to five-ing all week

Oh, and Mister Johnny Depp

So many perfect roles can act

Do you think he would’ve made it if

He weren’t so damn abstract?

Let’s not forget Ms. Winehouse, in

This oddball gallery

Know what? (I actually mean this now)

Pause reading, play “Valerie”

So now you’re back, I truly hope

The real point was conveyed

Not to look down on the “normal” folks

But for “weird” – don’t be afraid

These labels blindly, thrown around

Why do they try so hard to judge?

Self-awareness, absent, in closed minds

Their misguided thoughts won’t budge

One can hope, the day arrives

When labels will be cleared

At last we finally understand

‘Cause truth is we’re all freakin’ weird








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